Googol On!

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Dreams In the Making

Encourage your kids to follow their dreams and googol on!*

This CD is a thoughtful and upbeat collection of songs, inspired by children and parents and equally enjoyed by both. Googol On! contains a refreshing variety of musical styles from swing and country, to pop and lullabies with themes that speak up to children and straight to the hearts of parents.

"In these positive, tuneful is an adventure and family is something to celebrate."
L.A. Times

"The Googol On! as uplifting as the songs that fill this CD. The music is well produced with singers that give inspired fun performances."
The National Parenting Center

Free online sheet music arranged for piano, vocal, and guitar is available for every song (see below). The CD and tape also contain music-only performance tracks to sing the songs yourself.

This CD makes a great gift for parents and their younger children.

* googol on! v. To live as big as you can; to do what you love to do; to trust what you feel and think for yourself; to sing your own song.

CD Tracks and Audio Samples

Click on a link to listen to an MP3 sample of the track.

  1. The Problem with Grown Ups
  2. I Love You Googolplex
  3. Close Your Eyes Precious One
  4. Hey Sleepy Head
  5. Babies and Butterflies
  6. Here By My Heart
  7. Say Boo!
  8. One 2 Ten
  9. The Curious Cat
  10. Me and You
  11. Rockabye Love
  12. Googol On!
  13. Things We're Thankful For
  14. Goodnight Mom, Goodnight Dad
  15. The Problem with Grown Ups
    (for kids only)

Plus, bonus music-only performance tracks (16-29) to make it easy to "sing your own song."

Download the sheet music for all of the songs. [478 KB / 53 pages]