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Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly... G.K. Chesterton

Life is too important to be taken seriously... Oscar Wilde

What if life was actually meant to be enjoyed? What if it was suppose to be fun? All of it. Not just childhood or sporadically as an adult.

Everything that we do is all about getting us to a place where we believe we'll be happier once we get there. So why not just take a short cut and be happy in this moment?

"Levity" is about taking that short cut, slowing down, lightening up, and enjoying yourself . . . now.

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CD Tracks

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  1. Slow Down
  2. Like A Magnet
  3. Love Amongst The Laundry
  4. Where Is That Boy Now
  5. Thou Shall Enjoy
  6. Let In The Feminine
  7. We're Not That Different
  8. You're The One That I Choose
  9. Family Man
  10. If This Were Heaven (Watch Video)

A big THANKS to our Levity Executive Producers:
Tiffany Bukow, Todd Koons, Dave EllisDory WillerEva GregoryRob Babcock, Jason Berv, Kathy Johnson,  Mary and Pete Mantei, John Rohrbach, Harriet Johnson, Nick Morris, Katrina Sarson, Rick Kleiner, Eduardo Aguirre, Sue and Larry Sage, Nancy Stubbs, Jackie and Eva Keyser, Robin Lokerman, Susie and Bernie Strauss, Bob and Jayne Babcock, TK and Connie Holden Smith, Shawn Snelgrove, Diane Bajkowski, Sandy and Steve Billings, Luana and Paul Rubin, Geoff Garcia, Bill and Mig Johnson, Betty Duncan Coon, Meredith Titus, Sandra Sims, Helen Schweitzer, Greg and Jo-Ann Beserra and Myriam Johnson.

What They're Saying...

"I love this CD. It's rare to have so many great songs on one album."
- Dave Ellis, educator, philanthropist and author of "Falling Awake" and "Becoming A Master Student"

"This CD is a celebration of living life, and living it well. Loved it!"
- Rob Babcock, golf course photographer, sports psychologist

- Rolling Stone Magazine

"Levity is one of the most inspiring albums I've ever heard. I listen to it multiple times a day because it causes me to focus on what matters most. "
- Jason Cushner, educator, The Watershed School

"The world needs more music like this!"
- Eduardo Aguirre, Up With People

"Wow! Great songs honey (Hey, I have to say that. I live with him.)"
- Myriam, Scott's wife

"Inspiring, uplifting...songs that make you feel good!"
- Dory Willer, business and life coach

"These songs call you to sing along, and then your spirit soars with the music. I've had bad moods turned around in the span of one song."
- Sarah Bertucci, high school educator