New Voices New World

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New Voices New World

Music to transform your life.

The first of a series, New Voices New World provides a place for musicians to express — in a positive, constructive way — the kind of world and future they want to create.

This is music about what we're for, not what we are against. It's music to transform your life and the world. It's about creating a more enlightened world by inspiring growth among individuals and organizations through the universal language of music. Enjoy!

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CD Tracks and Audio Samples

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  1. Nothin' But Now
  2. Shut Up & Dance
  3. Love Is Where You Are
  4. Falling Awake
  5. A New Day
  6. Now Is My Time
  7. What Do You Want
  8. Have A Little Faith
  9. It Starts In Your Heart
  10. Grand New World

Praise for New Voices New World

This set is a winner for all involved delivering a global view that would make John Denver eat his lead sheets.
Midwest Record Recap

Superbly baked pop rock classics.
Editor's Pick,

Lovely collection.... What I really like about this CD are the performances of the five very talented singers.
Science of Mind Magazine

A very enjoyable positive album with hopeful lyrics sung by talented singers.
The Critical Review

This is music to celebrate change. It's about trusting love, taking chances, feeling what's in your heart, deciding what you want and going for it. If you're going through a life change, or know someone who is, this is a must-have CD.
Katrina Sarson, Portland, OR

It's music that melts the barriers around possibilities.... The musicianship is exceptional. The keyboards are pure gospel, the guitars spark with energy, and the percussion practically breaks loose and kicks down the studio door. Buy this CD....
Jennifer Layton, music reviewer,

What great lyrics. Everytime I listen to the songs I get something new out of them. Plus, I love the variety of styles and voices. What a great concept.
Rob Babcock, San Jose, CA

Scott's music and positive lyrics touch the part of me that knows that Life is good, and that I can choose to make a difference -- in my own life and in the lives of those around me.
Nancy Stubbs, Nederland, CO

What a gift of new energy! Scott has given us music that encourages us to move our bodies as well as our hearts and souls.
Kathy Maxwell Wiggins, Darien, CT

It's so refreshing to listen to music that's uplifting and lyrics that allow you to realize life can be better at any moment. The CD is beautifully composed and the vocalists have some of the finest voices I've heard.
Tim Janke, Arvada, CO

The lyrics and music provide a terrific way to wrap up the day with an inspirational message. It's a pick-me-up for every day listening.
Tiffany Bass Bukow, San Francisco, CA

What an amazing, uplifting and soul stirring album! I loved everything about it, from the beautiful cover photos to the mix of musical styles. Most of all, I appreciate the positive and affirming songs that speak to a world of possibilities.
Veronica S. Hanson, Rapid City, SD

Scott Johnson's music is inspiring and is a positive reflection of life (as opposed to the dysfunctional relationships and people portrayed in most of our music). His words speak to creating the future that you want, deepening your relationship with yourself, and being present. He truly does make change sound inviting!
Joyce Leonard, San Francisco, CA